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Huge thanks to all of you who celebrated and prayed with us during Easter. We would also like to give our sincere gratitude to those who offered their precious time and kind efforts, participated and contributed in any way in Masses and ceremonies, altar decorations (Cindy Bovell, Anne Forde, Melinda Dovan, Sheila Finlay and Legionaries), the Palm Cross team and for the Legionaries who made the crosses, Pinjarra French Hot Bread Mandurah for the Lord’s supper special breads and hot cross buns, Melinda & Peter for decorating the buns, the students who participated in processions, Washed-feet people, the Good Friday Stations of the Cross Team (Choreographers, Actors, Singers and Props/Logistics), special effects people (Easter Rising—Fr Anson, Winston Rennick, John Mulholland, Mark Blagden, Antony, Matthew, Johnson), Angels—Oliwia, Shannon, Carolyn, Andrea, Soldiers—Mark, Raffy, Jerome, school community (MCC & ACPS), parents and MCC students (who helped with the Easter Sunday morning tea) Acolytes, Altar Servers Special Ministers, Musicians, Singers, Powerpoint organizers, Lectors & Commentators & Easter Readers, volunteer cleaners and gardeners, the Social Committee (Pavel Saj, Pauline Dixon, Rosemary Van Schoor), the Parish Pastoral Council, the Liturgy Committee (led by Kerry Troost), Fr Albin, Fr Anson, Fr Jay, Fr Wally, Deacon Michael, Viv and Alison and everyone out front or behind the scenes in our Easter Celebrations.
You are all amazing!—Fr Theo

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Apr 7-8, 2018 Divine Mercy

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