Parish Council

ppc-20192.jpgIn this photo from left to right: Troy Francesconi (MCC Vice Principal), Tristan Faure (Youth Group Representative), Michelle O’Neil, Babu Mathew, Fr Theo Antony (Parish Priest), Genevieve Constantine (PPC Chairperson), Rosemary Van Schoor, Pavel Saj (PPC Vice Chairperson), Loretta Turner (Secretary), Marie Meehan.

Parish Pastoral Councillors are elected for a 2 years term. Parish Pastoral Council is a Consultative Body to the Parish Priest. The basic role of the Parish Pastoral Council is to help the Parish Priest or Administrator to discern how to continue Christ’s Mission in the wider community. (p.3)A Parish Pastoral Council is concerned with how the Parish community should respond to pastoral needs within both the wider community, and within its own community. (p.6) A Parish Pastoral Council is concerned primarily with Pastoral policy and planning. (p.7)
Reference: Parish Pastoral Council Handbook and Statutes for the Diocese of Bunbury.

Fr Theophane Antony-Parish Priest
Fr Albin Oddippatti-Assistant Priest
Fr Anson Akkappilly-Assistant Priest
Michael Phillips-Deacon
Kerrie Merritt – Assumption Catholic Primary School Principal

Mary-Anne Reynolds – Mandurah Catholic College Deputy Principal
Troy Francesconi – Mandurah Catholic College Vice Principal
Genevieve Constantine – Chairperson
Pavel Saj (Vice-Chairperson)

Marie Meehan
Loretta Turner (Secretary)
Rebecca Turner
Michelle O’Neill
Tristan Faure
Rosemary Van Schoor
Bernadeta Nowak
Raul Galindo
Babu Mathew

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