Parish Council

Parish Pastoral Council 2023-2024

Office Bearers, Members and Ex-officio of the Parish Pastoral Council

Alex Popov – Chair
Denise Roberts-Vice Chairperson
Lesley Jolliffe—Secretary
Steve St Mart-Member
Daniel Martinez-Member
Katiane Martinez-Member
Jenni Srdarev—Member
Geraldine Williams–Liturgical Commitee

Troy Francesconi-Principal, Mandurah Catholic College
Vanessa Dicker-Vice Principal, Assumption Catholic Primary School
Wayne Wright—Finance Representative

Geraldine Williams-Liturgical Committee

Matthew Ajero-Youth Group Representative

Fr Johny Arattukulam OCD-Parish Priest
Fr Albin Oddippattill OCD-Associate Priest
Fr Anson Antony OCD-Associate Priest

Parish Pastoral Councillors are elected for a 2 years term. Parish Pastoral Council is a Consultative Body to the Parish Priest. The basic role of the Parish Pastoral Council is to help the Parish Priest or Administrator to discern how to continue Christ’s Mission in the wider community. (p.3)A Parish Pastoral Council is concerned with how the Parish community should respond to pastoral needs within both the wider community, and within its own community. (p.6) A Parish Pastoral Council is concerned primarily with Pastoral policy and planning. (p.7)
Reference: Parish Pastoral Council Handbook and Statutes for the Diocese of Bunbury.

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