Parish Groups

The Acolytes are specially trained and commissioned men to assist at the Altar.

Altar Servers
Altar servers are the boys and girls trained to assist the Priests and Acolytes at the Altar, on a roster basis.

Art and Environment/Notice Boards
Maintain notice boards for upcoming events and enhance liturgical environment with displays or banners.

Assumption Women
Group of young women in our Parish community coming together on every Sunday of the month to share their views, joys and needs for a better family life.

Provides the opportunity for State School Children to develop their catholic faith and to prepare for sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Classes take place on all Wednesdays at 4.00pm in the Parish Center except school holidays.

An association open to Catholic men who assist the Parish community in need. Members meet on the second Monday of the month.

Children’s Sunday Liturgy
Volunteers from the Parish community who provide activities for younger children who have not yet received First Communion during the 9.30am Mass on Sundays.

Church Cleaning
Volunteers from the parish community who clean and care for our church on a roster basis.

Church Guardians
Volunteers from the Parish Community praying before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the church during the week days. Guardians are rostered for one hourly periods. Provides a time for relaxation and praying for the community and world at large. Anyone who wants to make a visit to the church is always welcome.

Church Maintenance Group
Volunteers who cares for the Church Building and the surrounding areas. They carry out the maintenance to their capacity and report the major ones to Experts in the field.

Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Assist with the distribution of Holy Eucharist at Mass, take Holy Communion to nursing homes, hospitals, the housebound sick members of the Community.

Assist couples preparing for marriage with practical guidelines and examples from experienced catholic families.

Legion of Mary

The members participate in the ministry of the church through visitation of the sick—in their homes, hospitals or nursing homes. Weekly meetings with prayers, recitation of the holy rosary and discussions/reports are held every Tuesday at 10:30 am in the Parish Hall. The group also collaborates with other community fellowships like the Least Coin, World Day of Prayer, etc. 

Liturgy Committee
Committee to plan and coordinate Liturgies. Aims to have a representative of each group involved with liturgy.

Men Alive

Catholic Men who meet regularly, pray, encourage one another in experiencing the fullness of life and strengthening faith.

Music Ministry
Volunteers talented with the gift of Music share it with the community helping the liturgical celebrations.

Parish Finance Committee
Committee controls the finances of the Parish. Monthly meetings on every second Wednesdays.

Parish Pastoral Council
Members are elected by the community for a term of two years. It is a consultative body to the parish priest in the administration of the Parish. The council meets on every third Tuesdays

Pre-Baptism Team
Team holds meeting on every first Monday with parents and Godparents to help them in the preparation of their children for Baptism.

R.C.I.A – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
The team provides a process of preparing and welcoming new members to the Catholic Faith. The program is run once a year. Sessions take place on every alternate Mondays at 7.00pm in our Parish Centre.

Readers & Commentators
Volunteers who assist with the Liturgical celebrations by providing their reading skills, put on a roster basis.

Rosary Group
Rosary is prayed by the group everyday before the Mass including Saturday evening and Sunday Morning on behalf of the sick and other members of the community.

Vincent De Paul
A charitable organisation who with the assistance of volunteers run a second hand clothing and furniture store and a welfare office to assist the less privileged and the homeless.

Grief Support Group

Ministry of people prepared to provide comfort to others after a loved one dies.  

Would you like to share your gifts?  If you’re interested in any of our church ministries, please see our Priests or contact the Parish Office.


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